Punk inspired Swedish duo...

Those Dancing Days were a joyous, uplifting, melodic institution.

Since their split, the Swedish musicians have gone their separate ways. Two members have since formed Vulkano, a duo informed by Riot Grrrl but with a soft edge.

Confirming plans for their debut album 'Live Wild Die Free' the duo have unveiled new single 'Choir Of Wolves'. A ferocious live rendition has emerged online, shot at Vulkano's epochal London show earlier this year.

Vulkano's Cissi Efraimsson describes the track thusly: "It’s a about escapism and frustration. It brings up questions like what is instinct and what is learned? Who am I without my society? We want people to let the animal out a little more often!"

Check out the live clip below.

'Live Wild Die Free' is set to be released on February 3rd.

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