What S.C.U.M. did next...
Astral Pattern

Former members of S.C.U.M. have decided to launch their new project Astral Pattern with a new EP.

Splintering soon after the release of their debut album, S.C.U.M. never quite fulfilled that early promise. However that isn't to say that the talent, the inherent ability can't be released elsewhere.

Huw Webb, Melissa Rigby and Bradley Baker took time out after the split, re-thinking what kind of music they wanted to make. Catching Kraftwerk in their hometown of Dusseldorff, the trio decided to kick off a brand new project.

Forming Astral Pattern, the band recently completed work on their debut EP. 'Light Poems' is out now through 37 Adventures, while Astral Pattern will play their first live show tonight (July 4th) at the Shacklewell Arms.

Check out 'Faraway' below.

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'Light Poems' is out now. Tracklisting:

1. Properties of Colour 
2. Sitting In The Sun
3. Light Poems
4. When We're Falling
5. Faraway


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