'Outsiders' gets re-worked
io echo

Gabriel Bruce has stepped in to remix io echo's new track 'Outsiders'.

Continually staying ahead of the curve, Luv Luv Luv is currently in rude health. Unleashing a number of vital releases, the label can boast a roster which can compete with almost any other imprint you care to mention.

Recently welcoming on board io echo, the label is set to usher their new EP out in the watching world. Lead cut 'Outsiders' is online now - a delicately wrought piece of synth-pop from the Los Angeles duo, the track almost seemed to use space as an instrument in itself.

Now fellow Luv Luv Luv signing Gabriel Bruce has stepped in to remix the track. Adding renewed sparsity to the introduction, the producer then floods the middle section with bass weight which only seems to add to the intensity of the original.

Stream the remix below.

- - -

While you're here... find the original video for 'Outsiders' below.

io echo EP is out on February 25th.


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