All proceeds go to charity...
Forest Swords

Forest Swords is selling a one of a kind record on eBay - with all proceeds going to charity.

The ongoing situation in the Philippines has touched the world. With victims of Typhon Haiyan still struggling to to escape its after effects, charities around the globe are pouring their efforts into the area.

Funds are desperately needed, and the music world has been quick to respond. Eager to do his bit, Forest Swords has placed a one off a kind record up for sale on eBay.

The remnant of an arts installation in Liverpool, the unique pressing is destroyed once it is played. Containing music otherwise unavailable, the blurb is as follows:

"Completely one of a kind record from an installation called Ground Rhythms. It's a piece of music that was only ever played once and not available literally anywhere else and is cut with a lathe, via a diamond tipped needle onto a used X-Ray. It's the only unplayed record the band has left and if it's played it destroys the music on it so it's literally the only remaining form of that track, no digital and no other copies."

Fancy getting involved? Bid HERE.

Not your bag? Donate to Philippines Typhoon Appeal HERE.

Forest Swords released his debut full length 'Engravings' earlier this year - check out the Clash verdict or stream 'Thor's Stone' below.

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