Butterz duo reveal full tracklisting...
Elijah x Skilliam

Grime is a broad church.

From all out MC rave ups to subtle instrument idiosyncrasy, life at 140 can be confusing but it's certainly never boring.

The Butterz stable is one of the scene's leading lights, with their events and label helping to spearhead a creative resurgence within grime.

Taking their set across the globe, founders Elijah & Skilliam are set to chair a special mix for FabricLive.

Out on May 19th, 'FabricLive 75' opens with an intro from Royal-T before throwing down Four Tet x Terror Danjah's 'Killer' collaboration.

Designed as a showcase for the Butterz ideal, it's not 100% what the pair would play in a club. "The mix doesn't necessarily represent how we would play in the club" they explain, "but it does feature many of the people that you would hear and see playing at a Butterz night at fabric. It was more focused on making a great mix. If you want to hear how we play in a club, come to fabric."

Packed with exclusives, instrumental cuts and some stellar MC contributions, 'FabricLive 75' looks to be a killer. Elijah & Skilliam will launch the mix with a four hour set on May 16th alongside Skepta, Newham Generals, Flow Dan, Riko, Spooky and Uncle Dugs, with Soul:ution in Room 2 and Keysound in Room 3.

Check out an extensive feature on Butterz HERE.

'FabricLive 75' will be released on May 19th. Pre-order.

1. Royal-T - Intro [Butterz]
2. Four Tet & Terror Danjah - Killer [Text]
3. Terror Danjah & Champion - Stone Island [Hyperdub]
4. Flava D - Hold On VIP 3 [Butterz]
5. Lil Silva - Venture [LS Whites]
6. D Double E - Sickman VIP Dubplate [Butterz]
7. Royal-T & Champion - Mufasa [unreleased]
8. Swindle - Good Stay Bad [unreleased]
9. Royal-T - I Know You Want Me [Rinse]
10. P Money - Roll Call [Rinse] Kowton - H-Street (138 Mix) [Pale Fire]
11. Preditah feat. JME - Jack Up The Tune [Whoa]
12. Darq E Freaker - 666 Sauna [unreleased]
13. P Jam - Disturbed 2.0 [Butterz]
14. Murlo - Into Mist [unreleased]
15. Footsie - Hit Him (Butterz Dubplate) [Braindead]
16. JME - Integrity [Boy Better Know]
17. 040 - Let It Be Known [Butterz / Kapsize]
18. Swindle & Silkie - Twinkle [Swindle Productions]
19. Wiley feat. Andreena Mill - Born In The Cold [Big Dada]
20. Kelela - Keep It Cool [Fade To Mind]
21. DJ Q - Two Faced [Local Action]
22. Sir Spyro feat. JME & Alahna - Pull It Up [Dragon Punch]
23. Flava D - Home VIP (Moony Remix) [Butterz]
24. Swindle - Outro [Swindle Productions]

Photo Credit: Jimmy Mould

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