New York institution to close...
East Village Radio

One of New York's truly independent music voices, East Village Radio grew to absorb a global audience.

Recently clocking up more than one million listeners per month, it managed to match cool, eclectic programming to an open, outward mindset.

Sadly, after eleven years, the radio station is to cease broadcasting. Confirming the news, East Village Radio CEO Frank Prisinzano told EV Grieve:

"Every time we get a new listener, it costs us more money with licensing fees and Internet costs. After doing some projections, we see that it is going to be very, very difficult for us to continue to break even."

Set to cease programming on May 23rd, it's truly sad to see such an idiosyncratic, absorbing organisation shut up shop. General manager Peter Ferraro explained some of the difficulties surrounding working as an independent radio station in the current marketplace.

"We pay a higher rate for royalties and licensing than Pandora pays. We live in a world where these behemouth music-streaming services keep going in for more capital. It's almost like we are being penalized for our growth" he said. "It's very difficult for an independent medium music company to survive in a world where Apple is paying $3.2 billion for Beats by Dre."

Signing off, Prisinzano said: "This was a beautiful, amazing thing. I think something really positive will come out of this. We took it to where we could take it. We are proud of what we did. Now it's time to stop. And that's OK."

Read the full interview HERE.

Based in a shop front studio at 19 First Ave. between East First Street and East Second Street, East Village Radio began life as a short-lived 10-watt FM radio station in April 2003 before switching online. It shall be missed.

Tune in HERE. Once May 23rd passes... so does East Village Radio.

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