"I don't give a damn if she leaks it..."

Disclosure have responded to Azealia Banks damning verdict on their collaboration.

The pop world isn't all sunshine and backslapping. Sometimes it can full of open criticism and backstabbing, with feuds breaking out left, right and centre.

Disclosure recently went into the studio with Azealia Banks, but - due to an interview the brothers gave earlier this year - the American singer decided to can the project.

Speaking to the AU Review, she said: "I did something with Disclosure but they were, like, really rude in an interview, so I canned it."

Threatening to leak the track, the news quickly rippled out over the web. Chatting to Triple J (via NME), Disclosure responded to the accusation with good humour. "I don't give a damn if she leaks it," Howard Lawrence said. "We're actually terrible, terrible people. Have you seen the interview where we were rude? It was so bad compared to what she said."

Guy Lawrence expanded on Banks' series of events. "We just wrote the first verse and a build-up - there wasn't a chorus - and she kind of took it away... Then she thought we were rude in that interview, but we apologised and everything. It didn't seem to matter that we apologised..."

"We made the beat on the way there in the car, so I don't give a damn if she uses it. Whatever. Maybe when I said that she's 'taken to it quite heavily', it came across as rude - but what I meant was that whenever we've worked with anyone in the past, we just keep it secret. Because if nothing comes of the session, nobody's disappointed. But if you build all the hype before, then you have to deliver an amazing song."

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