'Tomorrow's Harvest' transmission topples the web...
Tomorrow's Harvest

Boards of Canada hosted a live transmission of new album 'Tomorrow's Harvest' last night (June 3rd) - and could well have toppled Twitter.

Boards of Canada have always been tech-oriented, future-minded. So the return of the Scottish duo was always going to make extensive use of the internet and social media.

Hosting a global treasure hunt which matches analogue to digital, Boards of Canada decided to go completely interactive for the first stream of new album 'Tomorrow's Harvest'.

Taking place last night (June 3rd) the demand from fans almost immediately caused the pair's official website to crash. Instead, fans watched via YouTube which contained a handy 'live listeners' countdown for those intrigued by their return.

Just after the stream went live Twitter went down, causing Warp to tweet: "Did @boctransmission break twitter? #tomorrowsharvest."

So what did you think? Did you listen to the album? Here are ClashMusic's first thoughts on 'Tomorrow's Harvest'.

...finally, here's 'Reach For The Dead'.

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