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Daughter are a very special live act.

Seeming to invite a rare intimacy, the band recently agreed to shoot the latest 4AD Session for their long term home.

Having hooked up with composer Joe Duddell at Festival No. 6, the band decided to continue this collaboration for a one off session.

4AD Session filmmakers Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth caught the results, which will be unveiled in five parts. The film makers had the following to say:

"Daughter is a special band - there's a unique chemistry and a work ethic, an effortless, instinctive talent between these three people. We knew we needed to find the optimal conditions and collaborators to ensure that everything was aligned to allow the same magic to happen - the same musicians, Joe Duddell at the helm - but this time in the country's best recording studio and recorded by the acclaimed Olga Fitzroy amidst a delicate set by art director Sal Pittman."

Part One contains a performance of 'Shallows' - check it out below.

Daughter are set to release their 4AD Session as a standalone EP on April 16th. Tracklisting:

1. Shallows
2. Tomorrow
3. Still
4. Youth
5. Amsterdam

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