Yep, it's 'Stay'

CHVRCHES has recorded a cover of East 17's festive classic 'Stay Another Day'.

Despite being one of the year's most joyous occassions, many Christmas classics are shot through with melancholy. 'It's A Wonderful Life' for example. Or 'Gremlins', even. And especially East 17's 'Stay Another Day'.

Ostensibly a song about death, grief and the loss of love, 'Stay Another Day' sailed up the charts to become 1994's Christmas number one - perhaps propelled by a memorably insane video.

CHVRCHES stepped into Radio 1's Live Lounge across the weekend, and opted to cover a festive classic. A completely electronic rendition of 'Stay Another Day', the Scottish group toy with the melody to add some extra bite.

Lauren Mayberry's delivery is the standout, but those Christmas jumpers take some beating.

Check out the performance below.

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