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One of the most revered film makers in the UK, Chris Cunningham's output is littered with milestones.

Re-inventing the pop promo, the director has worked on seminal clips such as Aphex Twin’s brain-melting 'Come To Daddy' in addition to visuals for Portishead, The Horrors and more.

Making no secret of ongoing work with Warpaint, the project appears close to fruition. Titled 'Love Is To Die' the film has been some two years in the making, and traces the development of the group's new album.

Speaking to DazedDigital, the film maker described the project as "big" and "surrealist" before revealing that several outtakes from album sessions will be used in the film.

"It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to make a music video in a traditional way, so a video diary is more appealing to me. I thought what might be interesting would be to film stuff in this big way and make a surrealist thing… It covers everything around and during the making of the record, but it’s not a ‘making of’. It’s me filming with a camera whenever I have one and them filming on their phones, and then I’ve been taking outtakes and random pieces of drumming and making new remixes of their songs and using that as a soundtrack".

A teaser has emerged online, check it out below:

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