Focussing on skating...

Breach has supplied the soundtrack to a new short film organised by Sony Walkman.

Launching the 3-1 Walkman WH Series, Sony decided to bring together three very unique artists for a special project. A short film focussing on skate culture, the documentary was overseen by acclaimed film maker (and good friend of Clash) Winston Whittar.

Perhaps best known for 'Legacy in the Dust: The Four Aces Club' the director shot footage of skater Lucien Clarke in and around London's Liverpool Street area before soaring out across the city.

With urban scenes flashing by in seconds, you're able to soak up the spectacular flicks and tricks at Clarke's disposal. To top things off, Breach agreed to step in and craft the soundtrack.

Supplying exclusive new music, the 'Jack' producer specially curated the score with his dextrous rhythms and sprung bounce unifying the clip.

Check out a trailer below.

To stream the film in its entirety click HERE.

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