With Ron Reyes on vocals...
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Reports are coming in that legendary American punk outfit Black Flag are to reform.

2013 has already been dominated by high profile returns. A new Justin Timberlake album, fresh material from Destiny's Child and David Bowie's much vaunted comeback have combined to dominate the news channels...

And now it seems that Black Flag have reformed. Yep, that Black Flag - the band who helped spearhead American punk as it exists in its current form, whose tireless advocacy of DIY inspired the framework of independent music across the United States and beyond. Even if you've never heard a Black Flag record you're living in their shadow.

Rocksound have just this very minute reported that Black Flag are set to reform, with Ron Reyes on vocals. Billed as 'Greg Ginn's iconic band' the group are set to play Hevy Festival in Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.

If true, it's a move which undoubtedly provoke a huge reaction from fans. To many, Henry Rollins remains the definitive frontman and symbol of Black Flag, singing on some of the band's most celebrated material.

But Henry Rollins wasn't the first singer to front Black Flag, and there are those - this writer, for one - who believe that the band's best material came before Rollins, and that Ginn was the true creative lynchpin.

Hevy runs between August 2nd - 4th.


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