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This is an era of refinement, of assembling influences to forge a new mosaic.

Jeff Buckley seemed to be one of the first to grasp this. Blending together blues, soul, metal, jazz fusion and more, this astonishingly talented musician only released one full album in his lifetime.

Released in 1994, the impact of 'Grace' is still resounding. At times singing in falsetto, Jeff Buckley's approach influenced countless vocalists, notably Radiohead's Thom Yorke.

Sadly passing away in 1998, Jeff Buckley's legacy is explored in a new BBC Radio 4 documentary. 'The Grace Of Jeff Buckley' charts his story, utilising brand new and previously unheard material.

Broadcast on Saturday (July 5th) at 10.30am, you can tune in HERE. Meanwhile, BBC Radio 4 have posted two special additions to the story.

'Jeff Buckley Remembered' features what could well be the singer's first radio interview, while the station have also dug out a previously un-broadcast interview.

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