New wristbands implemented
Barclaycard Mercury Prize

The Barclaycard Mercury Prize returned last night, with organisers adding a new vein of technology to proceedings.

Technology is changing not only the way in which we consume music, but also the way we pay for it. This summer, fans at Wireless were given the chance to wear special wristbands which they could load with money to enjoy across the weekend.

Marking a change from those ‘which bag did I leave my wallet in?’ moments, the technology was extended to this year’s Barclaycard Mercury Prize ceremony.

As ever, one of the industry’s stand out moments it was a brave event to pitch new technology at a discerning audience. Throughout, though, the scheme seemed to flow effortlessly and – importantly for those lucky enough to be there – cut down on time at the bar.

A simple, plastic wristband with a microchip inserted inside, once your order was placed staff would simply scan the device to complete your purchase.

With alt-j’s mixture of indie songcraft and bass textures emerging victorious from the 2012 ceremony, it seems that Barclaycard Mercury Prize are keen to adopt emerging technology both onstage and behind the scenes.


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