On 'ATM Jam'...
Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has paired up with Pharrell on new single 'ATM Jam'.

Pharrell Williams is very much the man of the moment. The vocalist took centre stage on Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' before gaining a co-credit on Robin Thicke's enormous (if divisive) single 'Blurred Lines'.

Now the American artist is set to pair up with the ever-controversial Azealia Banks. 'ATM Jam' finds the pair riding a ridiculously infectious beat, with Banks once again turning towards the latest in trap-influenced electronics.

Smooth as butter, Pharrell turns on the single highlights his laid back flow but also features it's fair share of slurs. After all, this is an Azealia Banks single...

A lyric video for the track has emerged online - featuring the words embossed on bold 80s style typography, this is actually well worth your time.

Check it out below.

Azealia Banks is set to release new single 'ATM Jam' on September 29th.

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