Sam Carter: "It's disgusting and there is no place for that..."
Architects (Credit: Jennifer McCord)

Architects singer Sam Carter halted a show in Amsterdam over the weekend to protest against a female fan being groped.

The group played Lowlands Festival in Amsterdam on Friday (August 18th) when the frontman spotted something happening towards the front.

He stopped the show and told the crowd: "I saw a girl, a woman, crowd surfing over here. I'm not going to point out who but I saw you grab at her boob."

Sam Carter protested "not at my f*cking show" before adding: "It's disgusting and there is no place for that..."

Check out footage of the incident below.

Abuse is something that should always be called out - if you've been affected by a similar incident, or feel concerned about these issues, trying contacting Girls Against.

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