It's pronounced 'sigh-ro'
Aphex Twin

Breaking cover with his first full length album in some 13 years, Aphex Twin unveiled 'SYRO' via deep web last week.

Due for release on September 22nd, the album has prompted almost as many questions as answers. Pitchfork have spoken to the producer, who outlined a few more details.

Pronounced 'sigh-ro' the title is seemingly taken from a word made up by one of the producer's children. The album announcement was accompanied by a plethora of fake 'SYRO' pieces appearing online.

"I saw the first one that got up, it's got like 26,000 views already, so obviously there's a lot of incentive for people to do fakes," he said. "It's like, ‘Shit, I should have put the real one up there.’ I can't put it up yet, though, can I? How much do you get paid for a YouTube thing?"

The much dissected tracklisting seemingly references the machines used to make the album, while a limited edition version features an additional track printed in ink on the cardstock.

The producer also discussed the 'Caustic Window' phenomenon - when fans raised thousands of pounds to purchase an extremely rare, unreleased Aphex Twin album.

"The whole thing is just really touching. When they reached that goal on Kickstarter and it kept going up—people just wanting to give it money, even though they didn't need to do it—it's like, ‘Oh wow. Humanity is nice after all.’ Fans were just so happy to get it, fucking hell. I've got thousands more like that at home. I should release all that stuff as well."

'SYRO' will be released on September 22nd.

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