"Expectations suck..."
San Cisco

Expectations can be a burden, especially for those of an artistic bent.

Take San Cisco: the much hyped four piece released a fantastic introductory EP, matching huge promise to effortless execution. Now, though, the band are tasked with producing a debut album which can live with the hype.

Recent events, though, show promise. New single 'Wild Things' was a display of pop virtuosity, while a performance at London venue Hoxton Bar & Kitchen had the famed venue sweating to within an inch of its life.

Intrigued, Clash writer Lucy Simmonds sent over a batch of questions, which San Cisco singer Jordi Davieson was happy to answer.

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Your self titled, debut album is out in the Summer- can you tell us a bit about what we can expect?
It's really hard for someone to put their own music in one genre just as its hard to predict how an audience in another country will respond to their music. I think if the ep appeals to you then so should the album, but try not to expect anything. Expectations suck, there's nothing worse than a movie not living up to the book, i mean look at the shining.

Is the songwriting process a collective creative effort from the band, or is there one of you that tends to take the helm?
It seems to constantly change, on the album almost every song is written differently. However Jordi is the main lyricist and Josh usually plays a big part in new sounds and interesting chords.

Are there any acts out at the moment that have inspired you or continue to inspire you at all?
Electric Guest's album 'Mondo' is awesome. Each song is a single, they're pretty great. But we all have very different influences which keeps thing fresh. Also we see to cycle through albums pretty regularly. I suppose there is just so much music coming out all the time that I end up finding something new and great so often.

The new video for 'Wild Things has just been released; it’s great, if not a little disturbing! Can you tell us about how the idea for the video came about and what it was like to make?
This was the first film clip that we didn't have the majority of artistic control, the director had a vision and was really adamant about it. No one had a problem with it, but the idea came from Kasimir. It was really fun to film, cool setting and a relatively strict schedule.

You’re embarking on a national tour of the UK in March where you’ll be headlining for the first time – how do you feel about that?
Last time we were in the UK we only played in London and Brighton. This time were doing Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Brighton and London again. All of which are exciting but it'll be great to see more of the country.

You’re also touring with both the Vaccines and Darwin Deez this year– are you big fans of their music?
Absolutely. We've just finished touring with The Vaccines which was an honour. None of us could believe how nice they all are, the whole band and crew were awesome, and to see them every night was really inspiring because they out on such a great show! We've just started with Darwin, had our first show last night in Paris. His first album was huge in Australia and we're all big fans. We actually met him and his band in Australia on a festival circuit, so it's pretty surreal to now be touring with him.

With 'Wild Things' out now, various tours lined-up and your album out in the summer – what else does 2013 have in store for San Cisco?
After Darwin Deez, we've got some of our own shows around Europe then our own shows through the US, home for a month, then an Australian tour and its looking like we'll be back internationally towards the end of the year but not sure what for as of yet. And that pretty well concludes 2013, lots of touring.

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San Cisco are set to release their debut album later this year.


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