The Best Albums Of January 2014

Mogwai and Actress impress with their latest LPs...

Lists are reductive and devalue the art that goes into the creation of great music…

Here are five of the best albums of January 2014, as Clash heard them.

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Mogwai – ‘Rave Tapes’
(Rock Action, released January 20th)

“An apt step forward, ‘Rave Tapes’ finds its makers matching grace and irreverence, noise and beauty with the don’t-give-a-f*ck bravado of  people who can only know better.”

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East India Youth – ‘Total Strife Forever’
(Stolen Recordings, released January 13th)

“This is music that’s meticulous and expansive without ever falling into the trap of being boring or self-indulgent. It may be very early days, but it’s no exaggeration to suggest this is the first truly great album of 2014.”

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Actress – ‘Ghettoville’
(Ninja Tune, released January 27th)

“Actress now addresses his very own sonic death. ‘Ghettoville’ crawls into our lives as a wheezing, irradiated corpse of Darren Cunningham’s uncompromisingly organic pseudonym. Rarely has an artist’s death been so vivid.”

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Warpaint – ‘Warpaint’
(Rough Trade, released January 20th)

“This second album is as devastatingly brooding as ever. Warpaint have always managed to make music to totally submerge yourself in, like an oil painting mixed with blood, and this is no exception. It uncoils before you in a meandering jam of rattling drumbeats and deep, silky bass.”

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September Girls – ‘Cursing The Sea’
(Fortuna Pop, released January 13th)

“Limited, but precocious – the sonic palette may be familiar, but the strength of songwriting indicates that September Girls might be capable of pushing past this. For now, it’s a thrilling ride that adds dangerous shades of noir to the jangle-pop format.” 

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Mogwai photo: Steve Gullick

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