Parks, open spaces, and other gems in the German capital...

Berlin is one of youth culture's most prominent hubs, a city with an international reach.

It's certainly inspired Kaleida, an Anglo-German project with deep roots in the city.

Debut album 'Tear The Roots' is a fascinating project, set to drop via Lex Records on September 15th.

Ahead of this, Clash invited Kaleida to pick out some hidden spots from Berlin...

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Tempelhofer Feld
Europe's largest open green space. It was an operating airport until 2008 when the city transformed it into a giant park. Lush in summer and also very impressive when snow-covered in winter.

A charming swimming pond in the middle of the Grunewald forest.

A natural park island in the middle of Wannsee with free-roaming peacocks, Mandarin ducks and other wild birds. All the lakes are great – Schlachtensee another favourite

When Rosa Luxemburg the revolutionary socialist was murdered in 1919, her body was dumped into the canal and not found for six months. The kanal has many green parts like the Planufer and the Maybachufer - excellent places to sit in the evening and have a drink or two.

The Funkhaus
The DDR radio recording complex by the river surrounded by forest…

Bite Club
A vegetarian outdoor streetfood market started by a good friend, is happening there at the end of August

Good park with an artificial waterfall that runs down a hillside and into the intersection of the Großbeerenstraße and Kreuzbergstraße. There are also two vineyards next to it – this was the historic wine growing area of town…

Gorlitzer Park
The heart of the SO36 Kiez in Kreuzberg, it feels a lot like an outdoor festival during summer months when Turkish families get together to BBQ, punks play catch with their dogs and students lounge around in the grass.

A neo-baroque park built on the site of an old gravel pit in 1912. Feels like a hidden oasis of calm and green in Neukolln.

Punting in the Spreewald
An hour train ride south from Berlin takes you to the beautiful Spreewald, a network of small streams and canals which is home to the fascinating Sorbish people.

Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park
Spectacular slightly terrifying Stalinist monument to fallen Russian soldiers during the Battle of Berlin.

Club Des Visionaires
Not strictly green but a classic outdoor bar by the canal that plays techno at all hours, perfect for a day (or after) party.

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Kaleida will release debut album 'Tear The Roots' on September 15th.

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