'4-Ajau, God 9 of the Night, 3-Kank ¹in, Year Bearer 1-Kaban' mix

The leading thinkers of our society are potato sack wearing, undiscerning literary minds, obsessed by a maligned and outdated language none of them can speak. They maintain the Mayan people's geographical and meteorological understanding of the environs of Perpignan, France. Their ability to accurately predict well into the future. They are adamant the apocalypse is nigh. Which really sucks.

Why couldn't they have predicted something good, like cake or a retweet. I would have even been content had they offered me a MySpace beta invite, something I couldn't be more apathetic about. As if we need another social platform for music. Just make it stop.

So are you ready? We at Clash certainly arn't. We had plans. Good, solid plans. Ones involving tinned food and walls of water tanks. But these plans were scheduled for after the Christmas party. And quite frankly, we've done very little since then. Too busy skulking in the corner, hoping no one notices.

So here we go. The end. This is it. The last opportunity to listen to post-apocalyptic music pre-apocalypse. After that it'll be you or me son. Rotting flesh, cloaked, screeching across town with flairs, in diabolical wagons, marauding record shops for Tim Hecker LPs, John Carpenter soundtracks, and dystopian library music. Brawling over the last offerings of our society to the Great Above. Hail! Hail! However, we did manage to arrange one provision for us all. Our dear brother and spiritual leader Etienne Jaumet - synth commander of Zombie Zombie, sax blaster in Kill for TOTAL PEACE, and artist in his own right - has made us a mix. Hail! Hail!

Etienne: "With the beginning of my mix I tried to evoke what will be the world after the chaos... I don't know what will happen the 21 of December, but I like the idea that the world will not be the same after…"

Words by Samuel Breen

Sun Ra - 'A Joy full of noise' (extract)
Jacques Thollot - 'Kamikaze’s Nightmare'
Factory Floor - 'Lying'
Beak - 'Mono'
10lec6 - 'Purée'
Xander Harris - 'I want more (High Heels remix)'
Pete Namlook - 'Je suis triste et seule ici'

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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