Ten artists and bands we’re proud to herald as our tips for the top

In the latest issue of Clash Magazine, on shelves as of December 6th, we revealed our Ones To Watch for 2013. Ten artists and bands we’re proud to herald as our tips for the top – or who will most certainly make 2013 an interesting year in music. The list below documents each act, and over the course of the next month, articles will be uploaded to this page, investigating each prospect in full detail.

Deptford Goth - Read now
Only Real
Laura Mvula
The Child of Lov

King Krule

Aside from the definitive Clash Magazine ten above, we also asked our writers to send fifty words on their personal tips for the future. Below, are ten of our tastemakers sharing ten of their tastes...


Leaders in the B-Town scene Peace signed to Columbia in May and showed what the hype was all about with their ‘Delicious EP’ in September. A peace sign sliced into a ripe watermelon makes the cover, emblematic of their tropical riffs and carnival drumming style. The album will be juicy.

Words by Simon Butcher (Follow on Twitter)

Flatbush Zombies
Appearing online last year through a cloud of smoke with their music video for independently released ‘Thug Waffle’ – an anthem celebrating two of life’s main essentials (weed and waffles) – Meechy Darko, Erick Arc Elliott and Zombie Juice, aka Flatbush Zombies, are making waves. Their New York brand of mind bending hip-hop comes to life in their first full mix-tape release ‘D.R.U.G.S’.

Words by Hayley Brown (Follow on Twitter)

Mt. Wolf
Opening the gates for ‘dreamfolk’, Mt. Wolf emerged this year with their ‘Life Size Ghosts’ debut that set critics eulogising their psych flavoured, trippy folkish-electronica sound. Sigur Rós-like ethereal soundscapes and sensual vocals spread over four-minute-plus opuses make for one big intoxicating aural bliss-out from this London-based quartet.

Words by Linn Branson (Follow On Twitter)

Dominic Lord
While rappers continue to fuse designer brands into their lyrics and visuals with bandwagon appeal, Harlem spitter Dominic Lord embodies both worlds. Check his Fashion Show, EP and the Givenchy laced video for his single Pierce. We say, never mind Nicki Minaj, meet the real Lady Gaga of hip hop.

Words by Safra Ducreay

Glass Animals
As Cambridge’s Alt-J blast off into post- Mercury prize stardom, a darker force of experimental pop lurks in the Oxford shadows.  In this boatrace, Glass Animals come armed with a cocktail of sultry basslines, ghoulish synths and soulful vocals creating a formula that leaves you curled in a corner marvelling at their brilliance.

Words by Andrew Darby (Follow on Twitter)

Lathered in 80s funk, new jack swing and traces of pop come Los Angeles brothers, Andrew and Daniel Aged, who are probably most likely to blend the sanctimonious and the sexual in true Prince form. Early 2013 sees the pair issue their debut longplayer so expect more sensual smoothness and trilling falsettos than Curtis Mayfield in a bubble bath.

Words by Errol Anderson (Follow on Twitter)

Kahn’s been taking Bristol's bass weight and considerably piling on his own rhythmic pounds. His observation of heads down, arms up bass culture raving sees him set his controls for the lowest of hertz. Tracks like ‘Angeles’ carve out occasional cerebral melody but this man’s a bass hunter of the highest pedigree. He’ll bring the fiya to your jungle.

Words by Matthew Bennett

Duane The Teenage Weirdo
Michael Duane Gholston is an odd little thing. Self-professed origami king and future's most famous boy in the world, now; XL subsidiary Hot Charity's latest signing. Essentially, he channels Grace Jones whilst sporting a Bowie bulge and pretending to play keyboard, resulting in live shows that resemble 80s inspired nervous breakdowns (watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw9R6xRfOxs). All this combined was enough to have Danny Brown tweeting "I am no longer the 'weirdest' nigga in Detroit".

Words by Joe Zadeh (Follow on Twitter)

Loops Haunt
Loops Haunt moves his pan-genre negotiations into more cerebral territories - the new EP weaving through menace with a vibrant sophistication. Violent beats from the Dundee producer are played off against the spiritual and the occult; the two-step of Ninja Tune alongside the folk of Tyrannosaur and Kill List.

Words by Samuel Breen (Follow on Twitter)

Currently, little seems more vital than a truly raw, brilliant guitar band that can inspire surprise in equal measure, and Savages are just what we all need. With brooding gothic and krautrock elements laced into a decidedly post-punk ethic, this London four-piece's blistering live show is definitely one to see.

Words by Lauren Martin (Follow on Twitter)


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