A straight-up dancefloor binge
ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow gives us a straight-up dancefloor binge for this week’s Clash DJ podcast.

The talents of Throwing Snow (Ross Tones) have been obvious for quite some time now, whether crafting beat-laden club tracks or blissfully winding ambient pieces, Tones’ appreciation for melody have frequently made his work a joy to listen to.

His dancefloor-driven Clash mix strides confidently from the lush tones of a Caribou edit to Justin Martin’s Jekyll-and-Hyde Goldie rework in the opening tracks, and then proceed to continue stirring things up royally, via Martyn, Lorn, Jacques Greene and T.Williams.

We chatted to Tones about his mix and new record label.

Tell us about the mood of your mix – what you were aiming for and why you chose some of the selected tracks.

Throwing Snow: This mix is definitely aimed squarely and unashamedly at the dancefloor, but I hope it shows variety while still keeping people moving… It’s a showcase of my DJ sets at the moment. Tracks like ‘Boss’ by Happa, the Brokencord remix of Caribou and T. Williams can work together in the same mix, as long as the progression works.

Do you put together a lot of mixes? If so, how do you try and keep them fresh/unique?

I do quite a lot of guest mixes, but I always try and make them totally different. I’m into a wide variety of music and try to combine these together in interesting ways, changing BPMs and genres, often with ambient tracks that work harmonically. Treating them like podcasts allows me to introduce listeners to my influences and hopefully something they haven’t heard because it’s pretty obscure. In this mix, the variety is meant to keep people dancing

You’re known for making ambient, almost-soundscape material, as well as more bass/club-driven tracks. Are you naturally inclined to write in one of these styles more than the other?

I think my tracks are an attempt to combine the two. I want them to be relevant at home and in a club. I like music that can breath and be accessible to fans of totally different types of music. I just hope they are coherent as a body of work.

You’ve just launched your Snowfall label – tell us about the idea behind it, and the kind of material you’re hoping it will showcase:

The other two labels I’m involved in, A Future Without and Left Blank, release other artists’ work that I love, so the idea of Snowfall is that it is to be my creative outlet. I’m gonna release tracks that perhaps don’t fit anywhere else, and also the other creative work I do which isn’t musical. I suppose it’s a window to what’s going on in my head… Whether that’s a good idea only time will tell!

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Throwing Snow tracklist

1. Caribou – She’s The One (Brokencord Edit)
2. Goldie - Kemistry (Justin Martin Remake)
3. Martyn - Red Dancer
4. XXXY - Bash
5. Happa - Boss
6. goldFFinch - Funky Steppa
7. DjRUM - Mountains Pt. 1 (Pedestrian Pirate Radio Remix)
8. Lorn - Weigh Me Down (Mono/Poly Remix)
9. TNGHT - Easy Easy
10. T Williams - Zoop
11. Akkord - Persistence
12. Jacques Greene - Ready
13. Mike G - Noob City
14. HxdB & Self Evident - New Stylee
15. Daphni - Ye Ye
16. Tones - NOS
17. Tom Demac - Critical Distance
18. Iron Galaxy - Attention Seeker
19. Throwing Snow - Obelisk

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