"...sometimes it’s nice to just be the DJ and nothing else."
A Made Up Sound

For the latest exclusive Clash DJ mix, we piece together a little of the twisted selector genius that sets apart Dutch producer A Made Up Sound from so many of his contemporaries.

Genre labels frequently only give you a hint of what an artist is about, but in the case of A Made Up Sound (Dave Huismans) they’re almost redundant, such is his scope and vision when it comes to production. Whether he’s mangling dubstep and techno into something unrecognisable and immense via his 2562 alias, producing shattered, future-delving techno and house through A Made Up Sound or even making an album composed entirely of samples from disco records (‘Fever’, which sounds at once nothing like disco and everything you’ve occasionally wanted disco to sound like), Huismans has consistently proved himself to be one of the most innovative producers around today.

As you might expect, A Made Up Sound's Clash mix is, at points, weirder than that two-day acid trip that you just don’t talk about, ever, but at times it’s also bizarrely funky, fascinating, crying out to be danced to and impossible to stop listening to.

There’s industrial techno, post-dubstep whispers, rhythmic dabblings, suggestions of rave, melted jazz, spacey electro and even a dash of disco, all combining to make a unique and darkly beautiful mix featuring Untold, Tessela, Kowton and various other underground heroes. We’ve been after something from this chap for a long while and it’s clearly been worth the wait. Here’s Huismans talking about his current DJ kicks that inspired this selection.

“Since the previous mix I recorded was all good vibes old dusty vinyl, I went for the opposite this time and put together something more current, featuring mainly new and forthcoming tracks that I dig. It happens to be mostly house, techno and electro that sounds ‘off’ in one way or another. I didn’t feel like showcasing any of my own material in there, sometimes it’s nice to just be the DJ and nothing else.”

Listen to it now...

1. Benzo - Volodinka [Laton/Sex Tags]
2. Wolfgang Voigt - Du Musst Nichts Sagen [Profan]
3. Bruce - Tilikum [forthcoming Livity Sound]
4. JTC - King Of The Box [Creme Jak X]
5. Florian Kupfer - K [L.I.E.S. Black]
6. Robert Crash - B2 [Dog In The Night]
7. I.F.M. - I.F.M. Roots [Bosconi]
8. Max D - ? [forthcoming The Trilogy Tapes
9. ? - The Stitch-Up [Stitchup000]
10. Kowton - Space Mechanics (4/4 mix) [unreleased]
11. Beneath - Freeze [unreleased]
12. Gunnar Haslam - Discrete Markov Dub [forthcoming Delsin Cameron Series]
13. Ekman - GMMDI (Breaker 1 2 remix) [forthcoming Berceuse Heroique]
14. The Exaltics - Corroded [Shipwrec]
15. Gut Nose - Corrosive [forthcoming Styles Upon Styles]
16. Untold - Fine [unreleased]
17. Herva - Slam The Laptop [forthcoming Delsin]
18. House Of Jezebel - I Took A Train In 1979 [Voyage Direct]
19. Tessela - How To Call Mobiles And Landlines [unreleased]
20. Zennor - ? [forthcoming The Trilogy Tapes]

Words: Tristan Parker

- - -

A Made Up Sound plays the 2014 launch weekend of The Hydra – Resident Advisor party – on Friday August 22nd, at Studio Spaces E1, London.

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