Cult New York Producer

The latest 'Track Of The Day' reaches back in time to a New York dominated dominated by money problems, drugs and gang violence.

A virtual no go area in certain districts, New York managed to spawn some of the most influential music scenes on the planet. In the space of five years The Big Apple gave us disco, punk, hip hop and more.

Bob Blank first emerged as a session guitarist in the mid 70s. Becoming independent the producer set up his own studio, and began a golden streak of recordings.

Working with the likes of Sun Ra, Lydia Lunch and James Blood Ulmer the producer crossed boundaries between free jazz, funk, No Wave and more. Helping to craft a series of seminal disco records Bob Blank began a partnership with Arthur Russell that would push the boundaries of the genre to undreamt of heights.

A new compilation on Strut looks back at this era. 'Bob Blank: The Blank Generation' is a celebration of a unique talent, and a unique point in the life of New York.

ClashMusic has grabbed hold of Debby Blackwell's warped disco classic 'Once You Got Me Going'. Listen to it now... Download it HERE!

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