Beer, bands, beer, bands, beer. Hangover.

Welcome to day two of my blog. This is the day where I still feel OK, but have started my inevitable descent into the SXSW way of life. Beer, bands, beer, bands, beer. Hangover. Morning. Bands. Bloody Mary. Bands. Beer.

That is basically how this festival rolls. And also, I’m really sad because it’s Friday morning and that means SXSW is nearly over for another 361 days.

Yesterday I woke up and raced across town to catch a noon set by New Zealand’s The Naked and Famous out at Austin’s Waterloo Records, a really awesome independent record store just out of the town centre. I really love their debut album so it was wicked to start the day with a little dance.

Then I got a sandwich from Whole Foods, which was one of the most confusing experiences of my life. There is so much choice here; it’s not just like buying a pre-packed ploughman’s from Tesco. Also, I’m very indecisive, but it was a good sandwich in the end. I’m not sure what was in it, but I had a lovely snack.

Anyway, you probably want to know about the bands I saw, eh? Last night I started my gig journey with my highlight of the festival so far, Wise Blood. I was blown away. Imagine if Eminem sounded like Why? and performed like Former Ghosts. That is Wise Blood. Utterly incredible.

I caught Teen Daze but he was just a dude with a laptop so it was a bit boring to watch despite how ace the songs are. Then I checked out this band from Brazil called Holger. They were so percussive and passionate and energetic on stage. I bought their album. Really looking forward to giving it a listen.

I tried and failed to get in to Tune-Yards so ended the night watching the breathtaking Owen Pallet in the scuzz of the Emo’s venue, and that was another day over. See you tomorrow, if I still have the capacity to form sentences.


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