Trashed electro-punk

Punk. Wanking. Gaga. Discomfort. Clash are sat with two-thirds of Teeth, a punk noise trio from East London who specialise in adopting refreshing stances.

Veronica and Simon, two lovers, are bouncing around ideas in Dalston whilst Gay Simon has gone to the US to get married. Romance abounds. Simon is revealing why their fans of electronic, trashed 8-bit punk need to be more uncomfortable. “A while ago on Facebook, we said to our fans that they were going to have to try harder or we’d de-friend them. It wasn’t going to be a passive relationship. Bands make it too easy for people to like them.”

Nestling on the home of DIY, Moshi Moshi Records, Teeth have been improvising. Part of their online promotion explosion has included finding other bands called Teeth and claiming their work as their own. Or, when given a few idle minutes, they hacked into Lady Gaga’s Twitter account for their own nefarious purposes: “Gay Simon was looking into the occult because he thought Gaga was some kind of prophet,” chatters Veronica. “Then he guessed her Twitter password, which was ‘Justdance1’, so we took it over for half an hour.” Utilising the 140 characters for such promotional gold as “My dick’s not as big as Teeth’s”, they managed to rack up sixty thousand hits on their MySpace in thirty minutes.

When asked what they’d hope a listener would do upon hearing their new LP ‘WHATEVER’ Veronica instantly says: “Take off their pants.” Simon, however, has a bolder vision: “Masturbate to our album! It needs to be a selfish act, a really shameful act.” Veronica, his lover, is initially repelled. “Euugh! Gross! Though it is quite repetitive, so it’d probably be quite good to masturbate to. Have you been doing that?” Simon just sits in silence across the table. Smiling on the inside.

Words by Matthew Bennett
Photo by Samuel John Butt

What: Trashed electro-punk
Where: East London
Unique fact: Teeth’s manifesto is: “You all think we care…but we don’t.”
Get 3 songs: ‘See Spaces’, ‘Care Bear’, ‘Flowers’


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