Bluesy ballads of life
Ones To Watch - Alexander

Modesty can be damaging. Having been writing songs for ‘better’ musicians for years under the façade of a sci-fi character, singer Alexander Ebert has finally stepped out from such unconventional shadows with a clutch of beautiful songs for your longer, dwelling hours to get drunk upon.

“What counts is the raw emotion being transmitted,” the singer tells Clash. “That’s what floors us, sails us, makes us laugh, cry, enlightens us: all the things that music is capable of doing. The only element required of me for that transmission to thoroughly fly is honesty.”

Channelling all his creative vision into an eponymous home recording opus, Alex has gifted us a jaunty journey swaddled in warmth; a ride that winks at The Kinks, Paul Simon and The Beatles - all massive names, all listed here through the coarse familiarity instilled in us through generations of listening. “I’m glad - you’re the second person to mention The Kinks!” Alexander smiles. “I fucking love The Beatles too, but it was a special era for me.”

Yet, far from being some ’60s plagiarist, Alexander has succinctly transferred his genealogy of scratchy vinyl into the watershed of a proper songwriter, shedding his cocoon. “There’s always something special about recording alone, the concentration of intimacy. It’s a fucking a huge relief to be able to share the original canvas that so much joy went into making. When I record by myself anything goes, and at any fucking pace, usually warp speed. Then dancing like a maniac, laughing hysterically and hoping I don’t wake the neighbours.” Rouse the neighbours Alex, we’re sure they’ll thank you.  

Words by Matthew Bennett
Photos by Samuel John Butt

Where: Los Angeles
What: Bluesy ballads of life
Unique fact: Alex is the lead singer of Ed Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes. Ed, his alter ego, is a fictional but messianic character that featured in a book Alex never finished.
Get 3 songs: ‘Truth’, ‘In The Twilight’, ‘Old Friend’


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