Mike Lindsay's Icelandic love affair...

Iceland is an alien landscape.

Scorched by years of volcanic activity, the remote island is unlike anywhere else in the world. Sitting on the cusp of Europe, shadowed by the Arctic circle it has evolved a culture with a truly distinct identity.

In short, it's an easy place to fall in love with. Taking time off from his day job with Tunng, Mike Lindsay quickly fell under its spell. Travelling to Iceland back in 2010, the songwriter came face to face with Kinnarfjöll – Cheek Mountain.

“Everywhere was covered in snow and the sky was pink,” he recalled recently. “I witnessed bubbling hot springs and a volcano crater called Hell. I remember feeling like we were in a mythical wonderland.”

This sense of dwelling in an alien landscape, surrounded by something historic, immovable, unknowable permeates Lindsay's new solo record. 'Cheek Mountain Thief' is a homage to Iceland, the people and the landscape.

Recorded almost entirely solo, using very minimal equipment, 'Cheek Mountain Thief' evolves slowly, of its own accord. Out today, you can stream the album in its entirety below.


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