The fashion platform and legendary label partner for a new competition.
VFiles x Def Jam

Digital platform VFiles has fingers in multiple pies, it’s sort of what they do. As well as aiding, encouraging and essentially showing off young brands – through both the site and their New York Fashion Week catwalk shows – they recently launched their own fashion label, VFiles Sport Plus.

This summer sees music added to the roster, as VFiles and Def Jam team up to celebrate the latter’s 30th anniversary. Together the two are hosting the VFiles DJ Championships, in ‘the first ever online and on-the-street’ celebration of disc jockeys and their sounds.

“At VFiles we believe in the universal power of music as much as the universal language of fashion,” says founder Julie Anne Quay, adding that, “We want to enable our community to use the VFiles platform as a way to pursue their musical dreams or superstardom and cement the special relationship between fashion and music.”

It’s a sentiment Clash can relate to, naturally, and likely one that will resonate with many others, given the two are far from mutually exclusive. Indeed, the contest will culminate at the aforementioned VFiles Made Fashion event at NYFW on 3rd September.

Ahead of this, anyone hoping to enter is asked to upload an original song and a 10-20 minute mix, plus relevant images, gif’s or videos. Like some kind of actually-worth-your-time X Factor, winners will be ‘voted’ for by public likes, the highest heading to the top of the page.

From there Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua, EVP and co-head of A&R for Def Jam will pick a top 3, and they will travel to New York to battle it out.

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