Minimalist watches FTW.

When you’re an international label with an audience that exceeds your geographical parameters, you can afford to borrow your moniker from the arena your work explores and it won’t be naf or sound wanky or any of the rest.

TID then, is a Stolkholm based label with a thing for monochrome – the brand’s Instagram account is near exclusively black/white/grey, save for a few flashes of house plant green – with a name that translates in its mother tongue to ‘time’.

A watch project first established in 2012, the brand is the product of Ola. E Bernestål and Petrus Palmér’s mergence with Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren of (Swedish) design studio, Form Us With Love.

At the heart of what the four do is the No. 1: a classic timepiece with a simple silhouette and minimalist attitude that boasts “the barest of essentials”.

While this season the brand welcomes the No. 1 Steel – a stainless steel number with a look that reads solid – elsewhere the No. 1 36, pictured above, is a cult classic in the making.


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