We gave Cai some jeans.

In light of Levi's Interpeting campaign we have our Reviews Editor Cai some 501's and got him to roam the streets in them for a day (sort of). This is what he found.

He says,"I’m wearing light coloured Levi’s because of the bright skies that spring has afforded us in recent days.  They’re also a superbly lightweight denim which allows for flexibility, and they keep me cool in the warm weather. I can play sport in the park with these which saves me having to bring shorts. Despite their light feel, they’re really durable too, so when I’m goalkeeping or defending during a game of footy I don’t hold back from sliding in for that challenge or diving for that curler. When I’m not playing sport and just walking around or sitting about at the Clash office they feel comfortable; they’re a jean for every purpose".




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