Fashion's creatives compile a mixtape of the music that inspires their work.

Terrible Movement rides a 90s wave. Founded in 2012, the initial line of tees sans sleeves was all black cotton and red wording, but for SS14 they’ve mixed things up, introducing white fabric, techicolour letters and all new shapes.

Titled ‘Mixtape’, the new collection retains the same ethical no how and cultural reference points of its predecessor, with slogans like ‘Crybaby’, ‘Drama’, ‘Who’s Rad’ and ‘Teenage Riot’ fronting crop tops and vests alike, while original motifs have undergone an update.

Shot on 35mm film by Alexandra Waespi in a disused south London library (Waespi was also responsible for the Berlin shot AW13 collection), M&P’s Antonia – she of that hair and those brows – echos the era, dressed up in jelly shoes and adorned with chokers.

Additionally, Splitpin Projects have created an accompanying film using VHS, the ultimate 90s right of passage for any real fan of the medium.

Clash asked the guys behind Terrible Movement to put their money where their mouth is and create a five-track Mixtape. They came back with four ‘Special Japanese Import Bonus Tracks’ too. Plus check out the SS14 Mixtape video that follows.


‘It Hurts’ by Creeper: Every mixtape needs a sad song and this is ours. We haven’t stopped playing it since we heard it late last year. So many feels.

‘Middle Sea’ by Yuck: Not just because of the excellent wordplay in the title and the album’s title, oh no, this is a big beat.                       


‘Ladyflash’ by The Go! Team: 1970s New York summer day (in our heads, at least), with open fire hydrants, kids playing in the street, the works.


‘Teenage Riot by Sonic Youth: This song is it. No, it’s really it.

‘Say It Ain’t So’ by Weezer: BECAUSE THE CHORUS.


Special Japanese Import Bonus Tracks:

‘Now’ by White Flight: Gateway track to one of our favourite records, which should be just about everyone’s favourite record.

‘Sweetest Touch’ by Gross Magic: If Marc Bolan grew up in the 90s, Gross Magic is what would happen and we’re happy for that.


‘Revolution Blues’ by Neil Young: Because Charles Manson couldn’t write a song this good about himself.

‘Rest in Beach’ by Boneyards: Just about as much chaos as you can fit into a song without breaking the world.


Mixtape, SS14 by Terrible Movement



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