The brand shows off its 30 styles of skinny.

Spray on denims, do you still wear them? Did you ever wear them? Reckon you’ll start wearing them? Obviously a fair few of you boys do or did (and probably will), as Topman are on a mission to cement the poker straight silhouette as a base shape for AW13.

Sales of the ‘hard to wear’ style have increased by 150% in the last year, so either a select few individuals have the biggest wardrobes full of denim anywhere ever, or Joey Essex really does have pulling power.

Sorry, did we say Joey Essex? We meant Joey Ramone.

Ramone and co, plus Jagger, Pop and Vicious too, are all forerunners of the trend picked up again for SS14 by Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent (the man behind Dior Homme circa 2000-2007).

The Topman guy doesn’t save his skinnies for Bowie style dressing however, instead donning his with chunky leather jackets, Hawaiian shirts, summer vests, denim jackets and mid length winter coats, as shown above.

The brand’s conclusion? Anyone can wear Spray On at any time, you just have to find the way you wanna wear them.


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