The London underground label introduces a new collection.

Already they’ve printed tees, smothered Nike Air Max 90’s in the tube’s iconic yesteryear print, and promoted Derek Ridgers’ ode to old skool London – via a captivating subway campaign (here) – now Roundel by London Underground is releasing it’s first full accessories line.

Adopting the moquette print as the aforementioned footwear did previously, the new accessories collection features various styles including rucksacks, Oyster cardholders and wallets.

The six pieces (in total) each tread a smart line between the label’s streetwear associations – the London Underground license is owned by Slam Jam, making Roundel the newbie amongst Carhartt, Stussy and the like, with whom founder Luca Benini has worked prior – and a sleek aesthetic that comes through in the Italian production and use of a leather PVC mix.

The overall effect marks a big change in the way the moquette print is interpreted, celebrating its transformation from an untouchable London icon (of sorts), to something more accessible.


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