Sports, streetwear and distressed fabrics; we look forward to Pablo Londono Sarria's MA show.
Pablo Londono Sarria

Pablo Londono Sarria is currently completing the much lauded MA course at Central St Martins, but the menswear designer has not come the easy way. Born in Colombia and raised in Sweden, textiles caught his attention during college in Stockholm, which led to him applying to a university in Holland to study Fine Art Textiles. It was during his time at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie, that he took his tutors recommendation to work more within fashion.

For his BA collection Pablo made up a story about seven men surviving in a post-apocalyptic world covered in sand. It was shown during Amsterdam Fashion Week and was touted as the show of the week by most present, who also enjoyed his soundtrack, The Third World by Harlem rapper, Immortal Technique. As an extention to the collection he collaborated with illustrator Job Kind, to create a graphic novel based on the story.

After the BA he exhibited at art festivals and in shops, where he often rebuilt a scenario from the graphic novel, containing sand and a lot of scrap, beside the garments. Pablo also worked on a non-university project in 2012 by making costumes for a science fiction movie in Amsterdam.

Pablo is drawn to sports and streetwear, and particularly obsessed about distressed fabrics. Although still a year away, we are very excited about his MA collectio which will be shown in the CSM show during London Fashion Week, a year this February. We are sure he is worth the wait!

Words: John Colver


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