The French label serves up a sprinkling of icons for the holiday season.

An outfit featuring a tiger once meant dodgy Spice Girls era printed flares, a car boot sale win in the form of a fluffy mini skirt, or that you were in a field and someone had dragged a Kigu into the mix.

As of last year it stands for Kenzo’s biggest hit.

This year the eye had it, as AW13 delivered leather jackets, shapely skirts and most important of all, sweatshirts baring the monochrome print.

Together with a Parisian icon – the Eiffel Tower, naturally – the label has rekindled its love affair with the motifs, releasing a special run of sparkly goodness, embracing the festive cheer.

The Eye, The Tiger and The Eiffel Tower each now appear on a limited edition metallic sweater in silver, gold and black, respectively.

Think Miu Miu does the Olympics but say it with your chest. Oh, and in the spirit of things, get someone else to pay and wrap it up in fancy paper. Then wear it to death, a la that T-shirt you bought in Carol and Humberto's first season.


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