Ann-Sofie Back's latest collection demands a double take.

For AW13 BACK by Ann-Sofie Back takes on an almost punk like aesthetic. 

Launched in 2005 following a Ready To Wear collection by one of her former incarnations in 2002, (debuted at the Purple Institute in Paris), Back went on to become Creative Director of Cheap Monday in 2009 (a title she continues to hold today).

A high end line, Ann-Sofie Back Atelje followed in 2011 (with a Topshop collaboration with yet another of her labels not long after), helping to make hers a prominent name both in the UK and her native Sweden.

The latest BACK collection, AW13, sees Ann-Sofie debut her own take on the megatrend, branding. Jersey dresses and tees are labelled with ‘Back For Good’ – with a nod to early Antoni & Alison – modelled in the campaign above by guys and girls.

Elsewhere, trademark details like zips and an almost awkward colour palette make appearances. Indeed, there is an uneasiness throughout that can similarly be noted in Cheap Monday collections. Slightly harsh but not quite uncomfortable, it translates well and makes for a collection demands a double take.

Netting and sequins provide texture, while pinstripe nightdresses and camisoles reference the early 00s; pointed Chelsea boots and transparent plastic heels were produced in collaboration with Vagabond.


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