A unique take on a classic style
Abraham Moon Tweed For Penfield

Has anybody noticed how cold it is? We think the scientific answer is: VERY. Well you can wrap yourself up warm with Abraham Moon's new range of unique tweed outerwear, which you can now buy online at Penfield.

Celebrating their 175th birthday, the bespoke tweed company have released a range blazers and duffel coats for men and women. The authentic tweed looks ridiculously cosy and stylish - the perfect combo! - and will keep you warm on these cold December nights.

John Walsh, Managing director of Abraham Moon, filled Port magazine in on their unique take on the classic material: "We are a fully vertical mill making unique yarns and fabrics, often inspired by our one hundred plus year-old design archive patterns.

There's Moon and then there's everyone else. Other mills tend to look alike because they all buy from the same yarn sources. Penfield know that by buying Moon it will set them beyond and above their competition."

Abraham Moon for Penfield from Penfield on Vimeo.


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