Unicorn Kid

Electric Teenager Set To Light Up the Future

Oliver Sabin describes himself as a 17-year-old boy with a hat, but in reality he is so much more than that. Leith based electro pop maestro started playing around with production software as a hobby in his bedroom but soon found he could turn it into a career. He identifies himself as connected to and a fan of chiptune, the science of taking the noises of old Nintendo games and making them into dance music. It may sound strange and even a little bit annoying, but the phenomenon has swept a whole generation off their Converses. Although Sabin admits he could never be called a 'true chiptuner', there’s no doubt that he has hit success partly due to his link with the genre. One of the Myspace generation as it’s called, he used the social networking site as a means of finding fans as far afield as Japan and growing in notability. The fact that he is in fact also quite good looking has no doubt enhances his appeal with a massive following of teenagers. Clearly social networking is the way to do everything today, as it was down to a combination of blogging and Twitter that Unicorn Kid got his most prestigious job to date – remixing Pet Shop Boys single 'Did You See Me Coming?' The story goes that highly regarded music blog Popjustice asked Unicorn Kid via Twitter on Neil Tennant’s behalf if he would do the remix. Sabin agreed, only half serious, and before he knew it he was in talks with Pet Shop Boys 'people'. After his performance at the 'Skinslife' party at the Arches, Vic Galloway paid specific attention to the Scottish youngster with rave reviews on Radio 1, and following this was offered a host of festival dates and a tour of the States. He has also released first singles 'Sugarfest!', 'Lion Hat' and 'Wee Monsters'. If the techno career dies a death however, Oliver has also been accepted into Edinburgh School of Art. Creatively the boy can clearly do no wrong.


Oliver Sabin


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