Schneider TM

German musical kaleidoscope

Returning with the long-awaited follow-up to 2002’s ‘Zoomer’, Schneider TM’s creator Dirk Dresselhaus spoke to Clash about the highs and lows that spawned his latest album and how he found lyrical inspiration - in prison. Dirk Dresselhaus is back doing what he enjoys most: taking the fruits of his life’s passion on the road. Under his Schneider TM guise and on a series of projects with co-conspirators touring has opened up wildly different scenarios, from meeting kindred spirits during an exhausting stint in the States to bemusing onlookers in the deepest reaches of Eastern Europe. All good material, it seems, for pouring into his evermore kaleidoscopic musical creations.


Schneider TM, Dirk Dresselhaus


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