• Malcolm McLaren

    Primarily famous as the svengali like manager behind The Sex Pistols, McLaren was also, along with Vivienne Westwood, the proprietor of the famed SEX shop which helped define the Punk look.
  • Male Bonding

    Male Bonding are firmly ensconced in current scene du jour, DIY/lo-fi.
  • Manatees

    Manatees, hailing from Carlisle, are a three-piece sludge-doom outfit crafting meticulously detailed passages of cacophonous intensity, latched to suggestions of serenity countering t
  • Manda Rin

    Manda Rin, ex of Scottish hyperactive disco poppers Bis, is all grown up. Her debut solo album, 14 years into her career, sees a confident, funky and catchy collection of songs.
  • Mando Diao

    When Mando Diao hit the road for a global 18-month tour in autumn 2004, the last place they expected to end up was the dark seedy underbelly of Red Light Europe.
  • Manic Street Preachers

    Originally from the small mining town of Blackwood in South Wales, the Manics have survived the disappearance of founding member Richey Edwards to become one of Britain's biggest and most revered band
  • Manu Chao

    French born singer of Spanish origin. Surrounded by intellectuals and musicians from an early age Chao's imagination was fired by British punk, especially The Clash.
  • Maps

    “I feel like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable,” says James Chapman, aka Maps.
  • Mara Carlyle

    If you haven't heard Carlyle's output yet, then it's well worth an internet wander.
  • Marah

    Combining elements of blue-collar Springsteen-like classic rock with punky energy reminiscent of The Replacements and occasional elements of soul that almost recall Van Morrison, it’s somewhat mysti
  • Marbert Rocel

    'One electronic band whose album seems to shine through our endless promo boxes is Marbert Rocel' said Clash recently.
  • Marc Bolan

    Although best known for inspiring a legion of fashionista teens and finding out how well a mini makes a tree decoration, Marc Bolan's legacy spanned a number of generations and produced what can be de
  • Marcel Knopf

    In 1997 the Daft Punk album ‘Homework’ changed the view of electronic music for many people, including Marcel Knopf.
  • Marcin Czubala

    Marcin Czubala is not your typical techno artist: part of this might have to do with the fact that he hails from Poland; yet another part of it might have to do with his extensive background in classi
  • Mariah Carey

    Chart conquering vocal warbler and bona fide fruit cake.


    Mariah Carey

  • Marianne Faithfull

    Sister Morphine herself. Stones chanteusse turned emotion laden solo artist turned award winning actress.