Britain's gobbiest rock group

A band named after one of the Charles Manson murderers would usually be one of those bands who eat live chickens as a snack and live in crypts - don’t panic; they just liked the name. Growing up in sleepy villages in Leicestershire, the band, initially named Saracuse, were lucky in the fact that their bass player was an engineer in Bedrock Studios in Leicester, where they set about recording their first demos and EPs. During the recording, the band moved into a farmhouse at Rutland Water, building a reputation for setting up a political ideology complete with a following known as “the Movement”. Although only moving in to record so they could get a bit of peace, clearly this following didn’t do much harm to the publicity surrounding them either. In securing their first airplay on XFM the band were heard by RCA and quickly signed in 2003. Although first singles “Processed Beats” and “Reason Is Treason” built up a cult fanbase, it was “Club Foot” that has remained a favourite even among those who aren’t particularly fans, reaching a wide audience and becoming the theme for top Playstation 2 games. Although the band has claimed that a link to the Stone Roses and Oasis is merely “lazy journalism”, they cannot deny popularity with the fans of both bands as well as a widely discussed tour with Oasis and the Enemy on the cards. Plus when a band takes themselves this seriously it’s hard to ignore the similarities. With Tom and Serge seeing their second album "Empire" as their "1971 phase", it's easy to see why with the historical influences of old battles and the ravages of war being at the forefront of influence. The album contains releases "Empire" and "Shoot the Runner", both radio favourites. At the end of 2006 they went on to perform a legendary live set for Live At Abbey Road, showing the intimate chemistry they have together as a band as well as how electrifying they are live. West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, released 2009, was named after a real Victorian Asylum, the idea of madness and genius deeply inspiring Serge. It has already had rave reviews, entering at number 1 in the UK album charts, with first single "Fire" entering at number 3. The album has reinforced the rakeish charm and poetic dispositions the band become noteable for. Be it getting into trouble over criticising the MPs, getting involved in a fight to save their hometown’s venue “the Charlotte” or just causing mayhem on tour buses, some would argue that Kasabian are just rebels without a cause, but one thing’s for certain; they’ll be causing a stir for many years to come.


Sergio Pizzorno , Tom Meighan , Chris Edwards , Ian Matthews


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