Snippets of their new album
There Were Seven

Lucky seven. Astonishingly, The Herbaliser are now approaching their seventh studio album, yet their blend of hip hop, soul and electronics has rarely felt so vital, so young.

New album 'There Were Seven' - see what they did there? - finds the band on imperious form, rampaging through fifteen nuggets of deeply psychedelic, tripped out audio. Recent single 'The Lost Boy' has already made a deep impression.

Grabbing Hannah Clive on vocals, the down tempo production recalls Portishead at their most blissed out - a fusion of technicolour soul, crunching riffs and other-worldly production. 'There Were Seven' drops on October 8th, and to celebrate The Herbaliser have crafted ClashMusic readers a quick preview.

Piecing together snippets from 'There Were Seven' the collective have constructed a mix which is intended as a cross-section of their intentions.

Here's an introduction from Ollie Teeba.

- - -

We had the feeling, that after four years or more, of whiney, uninspiring, robot voiced drivel, that seems to have completely taken over the music scene, that you all might be wanting to hear something more human sounding. We know that we have! So Mr Tall and myself went into the wilderness to seek out our old crew so we could bring back to you, some of what you've been missing. We came back to stick a banana in the tailpipe of that machine that keeps churning out plastic pop idols, fake hustlers and blow up dolls. The Herbaliser are proud to present to you "There Were Seven". A trunk of funkin' beats, fashioned into weapons designed to raze that hunk of junk to the ground. Are you with us? Then lets go to work!

- - -

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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You can catch the Herbaliser playing at The Forum on 27th October -


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